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I think one of the most depressing things about being a fan of something on this site is going into the tags, and finding hate. As most of you know, Emma Watson has become a spokeswoman for the U.N. Which I’m sure fans of hers are really excited about, and they have every right to be happy.


Muchas historias se han contado sobre el cómo alguien se enamora a primera vista, como una mirada cautivante lo atrapa en una red de sentimientos y como no puede escapar de esa mirada, esa primera mirada.Para Ethan fue la última la que caló en él, era la clase de mirada que te dejaba soñando despierto y que al mismo tiempo no te dejaba dormir, ese fue el momento en que se dio cuenta de que no vería a esa chica más y no pudo moverse para pedir su número ni su nombre completo ni nada, la imagen de sus ojos era demasiado fuerte para moverse de donde estaba y para cuando pudo pensar otra vez con sentido ella ya había desaparecido
Pretty much the one por Paola. 

Anonymous asked:

Shonen/Senin manga is directed towards males and full of violence. Read Dragon Ball Z, one of the inspirations to Naruto, and you'll see similarities between: Goku-Naruto. Vegeta-Sasuke. BulmaSakura. Many thought Vegeta/Bulma was an abusive relationship, but they're together till the end. 'Battle of the Gods' cemented that shady relationship and disproved that assumption.

Hi, I know this, I have been watching anime for a loong time now, and some of my favorites are shonen manga and anime, like Inuyasha, but the thing is that even if that is the case I don´t like when people can´t respect the character for more that just the “ship” or “pairing” and they go nuts for something like what Sasuke just did. I don´t mind violence in this kind of thing becouse it is like…the main plot haha but I do mind when people thing that what he did is like the biggest romantic gesture ever, becouse it is not.

Hello, I just wanted to share whant I have been working on. 

For now “Pretty much the one” is still a project, and I´m working really hard on it and I hope someday I can really share it with everyone but for now this what I want to show. 

Por ahora “Cerca del para siempre” es un proyecto, uno en el cual estoy trabajando realmente duro y espero poder compartirlo pronto con todos pero por ahora esto es lo que mostraré. 

"Ethan and Alex met in the past, one perfect night that marked them forever, now after a year they meet once more will this time be forever? or will their paths be separated again by their own dreams?"

"Ethan y Alex se conocieron una vez en el pasado, una sola noche perfecta que los marcó para siempre, ahora tras un año vuelven a encontrarse ¿será para siempre esta vez? ¿o se verán separados una vez más por sus propios sueños? "


I don´t know if I´m the only one that is pretty angry with this fandom for some things.

Not everything goes around the ships, I thought we where geting to the point where we knew that Sakura´s value is much more than just Sasusaku, common she´s amazing, devoted to her feelings, strong, smart, beautiful, recognized by friends and enemies and the most human character of the series but NOOOOO there goes Sasuke and puts a genjutsu on her and what does he fandom says? “He loves her, he could have killed her” NO NO NO I refuse to hear this.

Thats abusive, that´s still hurting her, that´s no being nice is being an enemy, put the love aside the fact that he didn´t kill her does not show afecion or love it only shows that he has a little human in his heart. If we consider this love then a man that takes a knife and cuts his wife´s arm a little but does not kill her is showing his love becouse he could have? SHIT NO!

God, show a little anger for what he is doing please.  I´m not in any way a Sasusaku hater, but I´m part of team Sakura and she deserves a lo more respect than this. 

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